Condominum and Associations Management Services


"The manager’s role is to oversee protection of co-owners' property by establishing strict management rules. Their interventions will focus on preservation of the building, maintenance and administration of common areas as well as safeguarding the rights of co-owners." RGCQ


Administrative services

  • Relations with co-owners
  • Preparation for annual meeting and minutes
  • Completing government reports
  • Support for various legal issues
  • Maintenance of records
  • Online access to association archives

Financial services

  • Bookkeeping
  • Tracking accounts receivable and payable
  • Banking
  • Preparation of internal financial statements
  • Budgeting and evaluation of condo fees
  • Evaluation of transfers to the contingency fund

Building management

  • Preparing a plan of work to be done
  • Ensuring quality of maintenance work
  • Providing various tenders for contractor selection
  • Monitoring improvement work

Nord-Pro Management is here to provide a quality and service, personalized to your needs.



The roles of Manager and Directors are quite distinct. The Manager cannot replace the Condominium Association's Directors. The Manager is there to assist and advise the directors in managing the building. Major decisions will always be made by the directors or the co-owners’ meeting, as applicable. During the year, the Manager executes the decisions made in the annual meeting.

The relationship between directors and the manager is very important. To get good results from management, there must be good communication and great trust between the two parties.


We offer two management possibilities. The first is full management which covers all tasks listed above under "Services offered". The second is a partial service that covers administrative and financial services. In the latter case, the building is not taken care of and is not the Manager's responsibility. Management costs are generally presented by property comprising the Condominium Association. Each Association has its own unique needs and related tasks. An evaluation must be done to be able to submit a management proposal to you. In all cases, management costs will certainly be a winning investment through efficient management of you assets.

I very much hope to meet you to discuss all the positive benefits which Nord-Pro Management can provide on the proper management of your property investment. Maintaining good management and a healthy property is my priority.